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Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities
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Learn Something New

While many folks are focused on facilitating and enhancing the education of children that are currently out of school, kids aren't the only ones who can take advantage of an opportunity to learn a new skill, hobby, or subject matter at this time. There are a number of online resources available to guide people through learning everything from a new language to how to plant a vegetable garden.

Is there something you've been putting off that you've wanted to learn? Is there a new skill that could enhance your skill set for a current or future job? Perhaps there's an opportunity to tackle those subjects.

Learn to Code

Interested in learning to code? SC Codes offers a number of front end and back end basic courses free of charge. Perhaps once you get started, you'll decide you want to complete a full coding school program.


Grow Something Beautiful

Do you have a green thumb? If the answer is no, perhaps you just need some tricks of the trade. Check out the Master Gardener Short Course Series from Oregon State University. There are a variety of course to select from including a free Vegetable Gardening course (may only be availble free of charge for a limited time).


Don't Worry. Be Happy.

In an attempt to spread a little happiness during a trying time, Yale has made it's most populare course, The Science of Well Being (the "happiness" class), available free of charge on coursera.


A Variety of Free Online Offerings

To access a variety of free online class offerings in health, business, marketing, language, technology, science and other subjects, check out

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