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1956 Maybank Hwy. Charleston, SC 29412 • (843) 793-2231



"Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name". That was a driving factor in the owners' vision of How Art Thou Cafe and Wine Bar. Add to that a creative finesse, fresh, local ingredients and suppliers to help create the menu, and a vast array of beverage options from specialty juices to craft beers to fine wine, and you've found How Art Thou Cafe on James Island.


4 Vanderhorst Street, Charleston, SC 29403 • (843) 853-7186



Vanderhorst Street is not the most well traveled in downtown Charleston, but Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer is increasing its traffic as it becomes more and more popular among peninsula residents. Their website simply claims, "We are awesome. Seriously. Come see for yourself", and people have been. They serve coffee (specializing in African blends) to early risers and host live music and introduce folks to their favorite selection of craft beer in the evening.



Firefly Vodka Mixed Drinks

How Art Thou Cafe & Wine Bar

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